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+brain vomit+

A different kind of regurgitation

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This is +brain vomit+ a journal where I post my j-rock comics. I also post the sketches and other extra bits that go with them, other things that might wind up here are the other types of nonsense/stupidity that flood my head and occaisonally a piece of orignal artwork. Most of my art gets posted on my deviantArt page : http://brokenlink.deviantart.com
Things that are here but also posted on DA will be marked with * in the subject. But this is mostly about the comics :3

The Original Brain Vomit: danars My own actual journal. Spew of words cataloging my adventures through reality and the showers of bastards that come with it.

The Community: jrockhumor The place where my finished j-rock comics make their first appearance usually. Chances are you found this place through there. If not and you like these comics -and get the jokes- you should probably join :3 think of the hours of fun you'll have.

+++quick list+++
+Backstage: Toshiya's last drag
+TO GERMANY or not
+Toshiya's Outfit
+MYV @ Hopsital
+Sleazoid Explained
+Team Mana Adventure 1~3
+How Kaoru Maintains his Wardrobe
+Kaoru Strikes Again
+Team Mana Adventure 4~6
+More of Sleazoid Explained
+Band Practise
+Bou's Happy Adventure :D
+Die's Paranoia
+Shinya's Fruit Fetish
+Ryoujoku no Ame: The Making Of

+now some other people's j*rock related comic journals that maybe you should check out+

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lastly ++ link out for me if you wish ++...///

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